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I was targeted with a SIM-Swap Attack last night, I think I survived it (possibly related Gatehub hack)

It's 10 pm, I am watching BTC pump like a beast. Out of the blue, I get 3 consecutive text messages. Recovery code for yahoo, recovery key for Abra, And a Third one I wont name. All kinds of alarms went off in my head, I check my yahoo and my Abra account. All is good. No suspicious activity. I think to myself maybe someone is trying to brute force his way into those accounts. I start changing passwords.\~20 minutes later, My wife calls me. **On Facebook not the phone.** she asks me whats wrong with my phone and if I had lost it because she tried to call me and couldn't reach me. And that she got an SMS on her phone saying my SIM card was reactivated or some shit like that. I glance at my phone an sure enough, I don't have service. At this point I realized I was being hacked, My body went numb and my heart skipped a few beats, I froze for a sec then I promptly asked my wife to call T-Mobile and ask them to disable the SIM-Card while I login to every one of my valuable accounts and lock/freeze them. \~5 to 8 minutes after I initiated operation lock down my wife calls back to give me the good news, SIM-Card successfully disabled. I go through a holly fucking shit that's a relief moment then recompose myself and complete operation lock down all the way until basically I locked out of every valuable account I own. All in all the attacker had a good \~25 minutes of unrestricted access to my phone number and he used this time to try and reset a yahoo, Abra and Coinbase accounts. However, We crashed his party and cut it short when we disabled the SIM-Card. We did it just in time too because I am certain, 5 more minutes and I would have been toasted and roasted and I would be homeless living under a bridge (**Not even exaggerating**). The Abra account I know for sure I lost, But nothing else as far as I can tell. T-Mobile acted surprised of-course and said they would "investigate this", And the police were like "You didn't lose any money so, We ain't doing shit until ...
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