I want to give 1000 satoshis on lightning to 100 people. Details in this post.

24D Ago
#EDIT: We are finished! No more comments please, I will not refresh this thread again, I will give everyone some lightning BTC (1000 sats) who have already commented. This was a ton of fun! https://old.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/about/rules There's no *real* conditions attached to this, but the goal is to just get new people playing with lightning. Suggested wallets for this giveaway: alby (firefox), Phoenix (iOS and android). Simply post a QR code of a lightning invoice for 1000 sats in the comments of this tweet: ~~https://mobile.twitter.com/sgtslaughtertv/status/1568864071155597314~~ EDIT: I am using Alby and phoenix wallet now, so you guys can simply post LNURL invoices here and I can copy/paste them to alby and send them that way. **You don't have to send me a QR code on twitter, I was simply thinking, "How do I scan QR codes and send the sats quickly." It was an error in my thinking / judgment.** EDIT 2: Would love to hear what first-time lightning users think of it so far.