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I’ve just realised that the technology for Payment Methods with Bitcoin are admittedly not where they should be for 2021 and I think we should be seeing the beginning of payment solutions rollout but we’re not.

We all know how payment software and hardware will work with Bitcoin payments and we all know the general structure of a payment app both vendor and customer side. The technology is there, yet no company is pushing out a payment solution to the degree I’d expect them to, think Windows 3.1, the first Windows with a Graphical User Interface in the early 90’s or Lotus Notes the first Spreadsheet. If there is a need for Bitcoin payment solutions, which there is even if we are in the early stages of it, then a Business should be able to find a payment solution which a company is pushing out, marketing, developing next generations and supporting. I should state this reddit post got me thinking about this. The payment app would look like this and we know there many improvements and features that could be implemented in the future. Customer side- Bitcoin wallet able to be incorporated into app, possibly multiple, ability to pay vendor using NFC (contactless) or alternative and use standard security prompt (Face ID). Vendor Side- Interface to input price, connect with NFT, verify payment on 2nd layer, most likely lightning, and document transactions. We can all see that even thinking about this presents obvious additional features such as reports. E.g. Sales of item x this month. % increase in sales compared to last month. As we all know the first release of this payment solution would have plenty of issues that need fixing, and the company would have to move fast to resolve this. The solution, very quickly after release, would need to be robust (free from errors and issues), workable and a high degree of customer support would be needed. The questions that present themselves are why would a company want to do this and why would it be profitable. Well to cut right to the answer to sell payment solutions, across the globe, and become profitable. I was thinking would a single fee ...
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