I've been saying this to people about the current bitcoin prices

self.Bitcoin1m ago
Some people have been telling me, basically: ​ "Bitcoin is dead", "People are losing money with bitcoin", "Bitcoin is a scam, look at the value tanking" ​ \----- ​ With some people, I like to respond more or less like this... not all at once, but maybe as a normal conversation if they seem interested. ​ Here's what I've said sometimes: ​ "It's okay, you don't have to own any bitcoin if you don't want. ​ I bought some more bitcoin for me recently because the price has been lower. I'm used to those kinds of changes in bitcoin value. Bitcoin goes up and down all the time, it's been doing that for 10+ years. If you check the history of values as years go by, bitcoin 'died' repeatedly, but it still has a tendency to go up in long term. Now it's roughly 10x times higher than it was 5 years ago. Basically, people who had 10,000 dollars in bitcoin 5 years ago, now have roughly 100,000 dollars if they just kept the money there without spending it. ​ I'm confident that bitcoin will still rise in value again eventually, like it did many times after it seemingly 'died' before. It's a long story, but fiat money (like the Brazilian reals that we use) has often been inflated and lost value because the government can print money, but no government can print bitcoin like that. As our fiat money loses value over the years, bitcoin gains value by comparison. ​ There's also another reason why bitcoin's value has been rising over the years: There's a limit of 21 million bitcoin, all the bitcoin owners must share from that limit. It's like the slices of a cake, each bitcoin owner gets a slice. It's not possible for 22 million people in the world to have 1 bitcoin each. It's basically also why gold has been valuable for thousands of years, there's been some limit to the gold available in the world as well." ​ \----- ​ For people who already have some bitcoin, I'd say (if the other person is interested): ​ "I suggest keeping your bitcoin and waiting more if you can. I think it would be a good idea to wait months or years without spending your bitcoin. Anyway, whatever you want is ok. If you want to trade some bitcoin for fiat money, it's also okay." ​ \----- ​ Incidentally, when I said good things about bitcoin like that, some people came to the conclusion that altcoins must be good as well. In that case, I talked a bit about some problems that altcoins may have (like centralization, premining, pump and dump, etc). I've been telling people that I don't recommend any altcoins. Bitcoin is unique.