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I've become so apathetic to both the price and fud while all my assets have been parked in bitcoin for several years, my confidence is unwavering and even more stronk then Saylor's own convictions.

I am blissful and numb. I have two trees in my yard right now. One just a normal maple with green leaves, the other a red maple with red leaves. They're both nice to look at. I've become completely numb to all articles from Kitco, Yahoo, and Forbes. I frankly don't give a shit what anyone has to say anymore about the chain but the chains own proven results. I have complete faith that I can park money and help this network and eventually it will both bennifit the world and pay off as an investment. Tldr, I've learned to stop giving any shits, sit back and enjoy the hodling of holdings. Live life. Just hope these words help others to stop worrying and sit back as well. Have a great June all!
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