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I see a few posts like this once a week on Craigslist - what is their business angle for scalping BTC?

I see these ads on Craigslist all the time. Will buy BTC for market value. Will sell it for a small commission fee. "Text me and we'll meet at Starbucks" is what some of them say. Outside of it feeling kind of shady, I'm actually wondering what their business model is. My presumption is that these are the folks that sell BTC in exchange for gift cards with high markup online. Or is there a more legit business? And who the heck buys BTC off of Craigslist? ​
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Where do you draw the line?

Fiat is terrible, so why don’t you fix it? Nah, it cannot be fixed, Bitcoin FTW!. “Where do you draw the line?” is published by nopara73.
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Korea Financial Services Commission's "Not a Financial Asset" Line

앞다퉈 비트코인 키우는데…한국은 '범죄자' 취급?, [김산하의 불개미리포트] EU, 가상자산 시장 활성화 움직임 美·日에선 금융상품…기업 주도 시장 육성 韓 금융위 "금융자산 아니다" 선긋기
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Coronavirus Is Shaking the Banks But Not Bitcoin

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned upside down the status of many sectors of the industry while many businesses are struggling to survive. The biggest banks in the world have seen their stock value p...