I saw this one comment asking if shit coins could devalue bitcoin. At face value; sure, could happen... Usually though - The most obvious answers generally lack perspective.

11D Ago
I think this comes from many mistakenly compare bitcoin to fiat currency, and that's how such a thought process is born. Not only is it evident that they don't understand or have misunderstood BTC, but it's just wrong. You should rather compare bitcoin to gold; Like gold, bitcoin has a finite supply. Like gold, it has use-cases other than its monetary value. Like gold, their price charts haven't seen as high a peak since the last 20 years. With it's highest peak ca. 3 month after BTC's. However unlike BTC, its price hasn't dropped again significantly since its peak. Thought unlike gold, its easily divisible. Unlike gold, BTC has a greater supply. Unlike gold. Its new. It's not mined with blood of slaves. No. Just computers.