I really need help with my blockchain account - can’t login with four digit pin - wallet has $$$ in it.


I created a blockchain wallet account last night since I couldn’t access my old one.

I linked my email, verified my email, and used my private key address btc to receive $1,968.00 in bitcoin.

The transaction has 8 confirmations.

I go to see if the funds are in my blockchain account and enter in my four digit pin (that I use for everything) and I receive an error that says error occurred try again later. It then signs me out. I never created a password. And it’s asking me to enter in a password.

Someone please tell me I’m not totally out almost $2k in funds. I can login on a web browser but not the app and the wallet ID is different than when I login with my email account that I verified last night.

The problem seems to be that the wallet ID pictured in this photo only has a pin and not a password however I have a verified email address connected.

In summary I need to be able to use the pin feature on the app to get back into my wallet I created last night but need help and I have created a ticket, tweeted at them and no answers.

Suggestions? Please go easy on me Guys. I’m a newbie and feeling awful.