I’m still not afraid this time

self.Bitcoin1m ago
The last Bitcoin crossed 40k, I won’t lie, I sh*t my pants. I thought that this was it, and my money is gone, and that my mother was right and that I should not have bought. But not this time. Not again. I have grown and matured and now I understand, that dips are necessary and in fact, healthy! No project should shoot up like an arrow, and going down can only be followed by a move up. That’s that. In the meantime, I think I’ll be taking a look at projects that are innovating the space. Projects that uphold solutions for problems we have long tried to solve. Like finding a better way to trade online, and I mean products. As exeno comes to fix this with a range of e-commerce solutons. Or how art is proprietary and that artist always gets robbed, as was solved with the creation of NFTs. It’s important to understand what problems face us, how projects try to solve them, and whether that’s a viable solutions. I know it’s frowned upon to look elsewhere but Bitcoin here, but what’s a person to do. When you have nothing to do but hold, you have to do something with the rest of your money, just to keep you motivated. There is no problem that arrives without a good solution that follows, projects that solves problems always go places.