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I'm so sick of the energy argument

Everywhere I go people put down crypto for its energy consumption. I'm fucking sick of it. Every day people sit at home, run their heat or their a/c. Watch videos of stupid shit. Ride their car around. They do all these things which burn energy. 90% of it is completely for themselves, their survival and most of all their pleasure and comfort. AndI'm fine with that, I do it too. But I hate that all of that is just taken for granted, no questions needed. Why in the name of sweet fuck is bitcoin the one thing people care about the consumption of? Nobody ever questions the intrinsic value of energy until needs start creating coins? Nobody ever breaks down the energy consumption of their daily life because they would reveal the fact they are wasteful. We've never heard anyone question how much energy the financial system uses until bitcoin started getting shit on. Ive never heard someone question the consumption of Twitter and whether or not that is a necessary service in this age of climate change. My theory is that the fact that a miner makes money makes people jealous so they paint them as selfish world killers. Further wtf. There are oil and coal barrons spending their whole selves on keeping this dirty fuel in our society as long as they can. Why the fuck are we fighting with people about which technology should have to be banned when these pieces of shit are still poking holes in the ground. Let's ban them instead of the tools we want to use. I'm hoping going forward people see the benefit of fully democratized trust and truth and start evaluating energy consumption based on utility and not just megawatts.
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