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I’m Not a Bitcoin Maximalist, I’m Just a Bitcoin Realist Guy

… But Some Altcoins Will Have a Role to Play in the Future

I am a big believer in Bitcoin and the fairer world it builds block by block. Such a belief leads some to consider me a Bitcoin Maximalist.

In a sense, I am a Bitcoin Maximalist since I fundamentally believe that Bitcoin is, and will remain, superior to all Altcoins.

Bitcoin will be able to adapt thanks to the strength of its community and its unique characteristics will allow it to remain the king.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that I do not think that some Altcoins will have a role to play in the future.

Some Altcoins responding to real-world user issues will persist in the future and will come to play a role in addition to Bitcoin.

First of all, I am thinking in particular of Basic Attention Token, whose project to implement an Open Web model is very promising.

Brave Browser, which is at the heart of the Basic Attention Token project, is already an important success and the future looks very promising.

Its innovative advertising model that respects user privacy has a role to play in the future against Google.

Likewise, I think Nexo has a bright future ahead of it.

Nexo is an instant credit line platform in cryptocurrency. You deposit your assets in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Nexo, …) within your Nexo account.

Once these assets are deposited, you instantly have a line of credit in fiat currency at your disposal without the need for any verification.

In the future, Nexo could evolve, and why not offering this type of credit line in Bitcoin directly for example.

Developed by Enjin, Enjin Coin is the cryptocurrency leader in Blockchain gaming.

Among the sectors that will be strongly impacted by massive adoption of Blockchain technology is the gaming industry.

Already having partnerships with Microsoft and Samsung, Enjin Coin has a bright future in its specific domain.

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