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I'm looking for fantastic facts about Bitcoin

I'm going on a financial podcast for Boomers and they are looking for me to make the case that Boomers should allocate at least some funds to Bitcoin. Safety is a primary concern, so I'm thinking social proof is the way to go. I'm looking for examples of how big Bitcoin is (it's the X largest currency in the world) and how liquid it is (transacts X per day). Perhaps examples of large investors that have invested in Bitcoin (Paul Tudor Jones, Bill Miller, University endowments?) Companies that are in on BTC (Overstock, MicroStrategy) Countries that have adopted Bitcoin, (you can pay your taxes in Switzerland), etc. If there's a way to explain the massive computing power behind Bitcoin that makes sense to a Boomer, that would be good too... Just looking for memorable facts that Boomers could take away without getting too much in the weeds. (e.g. they may not understand hashpower, etc.)
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