I'm a systems administrator and want to help contribute to Bitcoin. In what ways can I do this?


As someone who's been passionate about Bitcoin for many years now, I've finally had a desire to aid in the development and distribution of Bitcoin knowledge in any way that I can.

I recently setup my own Bitcoin/LN Node and am finding myself wanting to work with it any time I can. Problem is, I'm not a programmer nor do I know C++.

Day to day I'm a sysadmin, but I'm not sure in what capacity my career knowledge or experience transfers into Bitcoin development. The closest thing I have towards Bitcoin development would be scripting, but not in Python, PowerShell. Otherwise, system and network infrastructure management for a company is my gig.

I suppose I could learn C++ and contribute to the network in that fashion, but there has to be other ways where my skills can help fight this desire I have to contribute towards network adoption.

Any ideas?