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I live in India and we had 121 shutdowns last year. How can BITCOIN help, if there is no access to net?

33 countries participated in digital censorship by either shutting down the internet or filtering information accessible to the people. These countries ended up hurting their economy, as well as the world economy with their actions.

So far, internet shutdowns in various countries are said to have cost the world economy up to $8 billion in losses.

Understanding what digital censorship is

One in every six countries has, in one way or another, participated in some form of censorship.

What this means is that some countries blocked some apps, cut-off access to the web, or throttled the internet in the name of controlling the access and flow of information.

Amidst a global crisis, a lot of inaccurate information can be peddled around, leading to unnecessary panic and unrest. The internet is the fastest way to make both correct and incorrect information go viral.

Some countries partake in digital censorship to protect its people while other countries do so to shape opinions, control, and manipulate information accessible by the public.

Here’s a closer look at the specific tools used mostly by these countries to shut down or control the flow of data across the internet.

Affected countries

People living in countries like India, Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Bangladesh, Venezuela, and Myanmar still have little or no clue about the real state of events even as Covid-19 cases continue to rise.

Countries like Ethiopia have ceased censoring information and have lifted the ban. Other countries continue to order internet shutdowns intermittently, India leading with up to 121 recorded shutdowns in total. In Yemen there were 12 shutdowns, 8 in Iraq, 12 in Venezuela, and 6 in Algeria.

Such countries disrupt the internet, partially or completely, to protest or tame civil unrest. They also do so to forge election results and cause political shifts or to nullify the law in the absence of evidence.

So how do such countr...

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