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I have more money in Bitcoin then I’ve ever had in USD.

Which isn’t a lot, I’m 15 and always spend money as soon as I get it. Feels good, as of today I’ve essentially doubled what I first put into Bitcoin. I essentially put in all my birthday money, then have been DCAing (not sure if that’s the right term but oh well) part of my allowance since then. From your friendly neighborhood 15 year old that’s obsessed with Bitcoin, have fun HODLing. Edit: Thanks for the awards kind redditors!
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Omnipresence of Bitcoin within Corporate Treasuries

What do companies such as Square, MicroStrategy Inc, and Stone Ridge Holdings Group have in common? They’re all multibillion-dollar corporations, and yes, they’re all pillars in the American economic…
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Coldcard 3.2.2 Firmware Release

Coldcard 3.2.1 Firmware Release 🍄⏫-Major Address Explorer Improvements >Multisig support >View sub-accounts >custom paths >suppress warning >& more-Skip Checks improved-BIP49 f/ “...
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The case for a million dollar Bitcoin

*Disclaimer: Any information and opinions found on this page are not to be considered as financial advice. You should do your own research before making any investment decisions. January 3rd 2021 was…
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SLP243 PlanB Demand For Bitcoin Will Skyrocket

Bitcoin price has been rising and some argue that it is tracking along with the S2F model! Others argue that this is statistically invalid. PlanB rejoins me to talk.