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I have been with Coinbase for nearly 8 years. Recently, Coinbase decided to "review" my account for the 100th time, without cause or explanation. They have restricted me from trading for 3 months during a volatile bullmarket. Coinbase is now CENSORING my posts. More info in comments.

Copy-pasted from my recent /r/Coinbase submission, which was deliberately removed (censored) by /u/coinbasesupport. [Screenshot of Coinbase's censorship]( The original content: \--- I am posting this to warn other long-time and fully verified Coinbase customers. You should know your loyalty means nothing to Coinbase. I have been with Coinbase almost from the start of their exchange, but Coinbase is treating me like I just arrived. My account has been fully verified and fully KYC-compliant from the beginning, but Coinbase just blocked me from trading and funding my account for no reason at all. Approximately four weeks, I created several threads on Reddit about a notice I received from Coinbase. The notice stated an upcoming (yet unexplained) account review during which I won't be able to trade or fund my account. Withdrawals wouldn't be affected. Naturally, I have withdrawn everything from Coinbase. On Reddit, /u/coinbasesupport publicly promised to expedite my case and get back to me within five business days. That was nearly four weeks ago. They never resolved my case and instead just close my original case (case ---). I created another ticket and a thread on Reddit in response. Same thing happened: public promises–but no action. Several days ago, I received an auto-generated email from Coinbase requesting information and supporting documentation in order to, for the 100th time, verify my account. I sent all the required information within one day of receiving that request. No problem because, like previously stated, I have been fully KYC compliant since day one. I just received another Coinbase email where they state that, despite having received all the information and documentation they requested from me, the account review still may take up to 3 months! So I basically wasted the past month communicating with Coinbase and creating threads on Reddit. I highly doubt a real person has read a single of my emails in full. T...
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