I got my Redditor friend to download the Muun wallet & sent him some sats here. I’m spreading the greatness of the Lightning Network ⚡️


I received some tips from you kind people here, so of course I had to do something about it. With knowledge comes responsibility. Apologies to Spider-Man but I hope you don’t mind me adapting your catchphrase. I tagged some of my Redditor friends and urged them to pay a visit here so that I could tip them some sats.

A friend took me up on my offer! He actually downloaded the Muun wallet. Unsure about how to proceed next, he asked if he needed to interact with Lntip bot. I told him to head over here.

He came here to drop me a message. I tipped him. The rest was history. He was a convert. Why did I say this? It’s because he wrote a ‘testimonial’ to thank me for my initiative.

I know that Muun isn’t the best non-custodial wallet (and did tell my friend as such). Also, this wasn’t exactly orange pilling but I was nonetheless happy that I managed to induct him into the awesomeness of the LN. One friend to blaze the trail and make memories with! I will try to get more people to download a LN wallet so that they can explore this in chartered territory for themselves!