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I got more interest after a month on Yield App than I would have had $10,000 in my bank's savings account for 2 years.

I closed my savings account to check how much interest I had earned. When I got a statement a few days later with a breakdown of 20 dollars, 16 after taxes - I chuckled (my country taxes interest). I did not extend my account and shifted money after viewing this. Meanwhile I checked my returns on Yield bags and damn was I happy. My BTC gave me a 12% return per month. Younger people won’t have enough savings with such low rates. I fear that sooner or later, the government will try to outlaw it or regulate it to death. Some would say that the interest is higher in crypto since the risk is higher, well I believe that banks don’t really have that risk because you’re just losing buying power anyways.
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The 2021 Bitcoin bull market rallying cry! #HODL #Bitcoin #BTC #BitcoinMemesLooking for the 10 hour loop?
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Bitcoin has doubled in value since China's ban

Las preocupaciones económicas de Bitcoin debido a la prohibición en China, así como su crisis de vivienda, terminaron rezagadas cuando terminó el mes de septiembre. Con Bitcoin a un precio de más de $...