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I found the private keys to my 127 Bitcoins I lost 8-9 years ago. I’m at a loss for words.

Back in 2011-2012 (I can’t remember exactly which year it was,) I was playing a game with my friends called Dark Orbit. Within the game was this valuable in-game currency called Uridium that allowed you to by premium space ships and high-tier ammo and whatnot. To get Uridium you had to actually buy it with real money. Being just kids at the time, me and my friends couldn’t afford to buy it so we started looking online for sites that give you free Uridium. This one site (I can’t remember what it’s called it’s been so long,) lets users buy Uridium with Bitcoin. We had no idea what Bitcoin was, but we found out ways to get free Bitcoin through surveys, watching videos, and completing random online tasks. I managed to “earn” 127 Bitcoins by doing this but never ended up buying the Uridium. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it, but holy fucking shit I’m so glad I didn’t. I used to play Dark Orbit mainly at my grandpa’s house, and I was there for around a week during the holidays. While I was there I was going through his old Dell computer that I used to play the game on and came across a .txt folder that was labeled “Keys”. I’m at a complete loss for words. I sold all 127 Bitcoins on January 3rd for a little under $34,000 per coin and the USD just arrived to my checking account this morning. At the time I’m writing this, Bitcoin just surpassed $38,000. Literally took me 2 hours to write this because I’ve been constantly balling my eyes out while typing. Made a Reddit account just to share this story with you all. Thank you to all the believers of Bitcoin who made this possible. Hold On for Dear Life.
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