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I finally own a hundredth of a Bitcoin!

It took a couple of months, some brilliant plays, some real good brains, my mom's credit card, and a bunch of balls to get to this point. I’m beyond ecstatic. Clearly, I am on my way to the moon. Been using various trading platforms with massive leverage to take my 1/100th investment and turn it into 1/50th. I may or may not have lost $2k in this process, but my mom's got loot, she won't notice. I just tell her its for Fortnite skins. I've been doing this for about 6 months, and I can easily say I'm a master at it now. I’m going for one bitcoin in about a year to two years time and hopefully by then it will pay for my college education. I plan on becoming a Blockchain Technician when I grow up. Then from there I will continue to hold bitcoin and other coins until whenever, or until someone off of Reddit phishes me. Idk what phishing is, but it doesn't sound fun. I feel like a kid in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, there’s nothing better. Matter of fact, I might just go cash in my winnings and go buy some Fortnite skins. Can't wait til Epic Games starts accepting BTC, I'm gunna be rich. >=)
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