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I finally bought something with Bitcoin .... it has a long was to go

A popup appeared. Creditcard, Paypal or Bitcoin. I normally click paypal ... but it was a small amount USD7. So, I said let's go Bitcoin! It was sitting in my softwallet for a while. Market's down, but hey. Let's see. The USD7 somehow figured into being USD12 ..... Mobile wallet fees or something ........ Everything is in BTC yet I'm paying for a service in USD so it takes ages to work out. 1 hour later I'm still waiting on transaction confirmed. Sorry Bitcoin, but I'd have been finished and saved money with Paypal in 30secs.
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Tom Lee: Trump to take Bitcoin past $40k

So will people in crypto be winning? According to Mr. the tune of $20,000  to $40,000 by the end of 2019. He argues that all this press about BTC...both good and bad...will generate FOM...