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I fell for a Ledger scam a month ago. Still can't bear to tell my wife. The future has been evaporated right before my eyes.

I'm an idiot, I knew better, I was in a whirlwind frame of mind and actually pushed my secrets through my cell phone. They took it in a second and I knew immediately how fucking dumb I was. Took my wife every bit of pressure to let me buy 1.4BTC a few years ago. She has finally come around, thinking about all the things we can now do with $35k. I have to tell her it's all gone. I feel like such a fool. Can't sleep at night, can't stop fevering every hour. It's been over a month now and I still can't get up the courage to tell her. And it's only getting more and more painful. Fuck. Don't be me. Thanks for letting me tell someone. Burner account, sorry.
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Satoshi Nakamoto was an alien

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