I don't think a lot of people realise this butt, it's so much more important to be invested in Bitcoin's succes instead of it's price.


So many Bitcoin holders and critics do nothing more then watching and discussing Bitcoin's price. The holders have enough arguments why it will be more valueable over time because of basic economic theories. While critics have there own tulip comparisson theories.

While everyone is discussing if a one million dollar Bitcoin will be feassible one day. The primary assumption/thinking error (for most) is that economic circumstances won't change. After the news of the burning banks and collapsed currency in Lebanon. It really struck me. Bitcoin has become one of the if not the most valuable assets in the country without a change in global sentiment. We are still 70% away from ATH, just chilling at a possible bearmarket bottom in dollars. But in this little country a Bitcoin Holder is wealthier then ever.

Bitcoin doesnt have to win by appreciating in price in normal market conditions, it will simply win with the collapse of a FIAT currency. In other words: Bitcoin will win by simply not losing.

People love to fantasize about what needs to happen for Bitcoin to become more valueable then it already is, like mass-adoption or another country embrassing it as legal tender. But very little people think about what Bitcoin mustn't do. Which is failing. If it doesn't fail, the cause effect sooner or later will be an astronomical rise in value.

Bitcoin's succes and therefore it's price rise will be a result of a failing a system. This makes arguing about today's price, and where it will go under what cicrcumstances so stupid.

TLDR; I just realized that if Bitcoin simply doesn't fail, a rise in value is inevitable. Fiat failing in the long or short term will be the cause-effect of exponential value growth. Not mass adoption or an ETF acceptance or the next halving.