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I'd like my work to accept bitcoin

Repost from r/BitcoinBeginners, apologies if inappropriate, just searching for answers Sup, Looking for some advice on incorporating bitcoin into the business I work at. Full disclosure, I’ve drunk the bitcoin cool aid and yes I own my keys, and yes it’s where most of my minimal wealth is located. Whilst I am nowhere near smart enough to truly understand it, I'm in. My owners keep asking me about bitcoin/crypto/P2P transactions, mainly because it seems that it could be a viable way to sidestep the 1.9-3% transaction fee that is standard in our industry through traditional methods. SO in short I am asking, how do you start to accept this currency as a business and what do we need to be aware of? For context, we are based in Toronto. Thanks for being reddit and let me know your thoughts
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Why Bitcoin will be bigger than you think

Bitcoin does not compete with gold, just as the Walkman did not compete with high-end speaker systems. Bitcoin competes with non-consumption.