i can't find the post now but someone said btc does not solve any problem for el salvador


I can think of few more wrong statements about btc in ES.

Have you ever been unbanked, unable to pay for something except in person, in cash? sometimes this is even life threateningly inconvenient: even if you have never been actually unbanked, i bet you have experienced your credit card not working and if you are away from home, even with many thousands in the bank, you might find yourself spending the night outdoors. bad stuff could happen. there is an old and good Jack Lemmon movie called The Out of Towners that kind of gives one the flavor of this situation.

Now, one could argue that millions of ES citizen do just fine without being banked but just because someone has had some chronic illness throughout their lives does not mean they are "fine." same thing with being poor.

And the really big idea i think is this: not every ES citizen will see the benefits of adopting btc. but the ones who are entrepreneurial (at least potentially), who want to build a business and therefore need a good way to pay suppliers etc. will disproportionally benefit from btc, affecting the country's economy much more than even dozens of people who continue to live in poverty. that is to say, the overall percentage of adopters is not the important number -- it is how btc affects the ES economy and if only 1 percent (for example) of citizens use btc, it could still have a huge influence.

I bet there is not a single billionaire living in ES (that is, from a business that originated there). i would guess just one person building a business there that makes them rich could affect the GDP massively. i would further bet that the first such business that is created will either be based on bitcoin or at least will need bitcoin to get started.