I am working on a Bitcoin e-commerce platform I dreamed up recently. Looking to get a team together so we can brainstorm ideas and put this into reality.

1M Ago
About a month ago, I came up with an idea for a new e-commerce website (just like eBay, peer2peer) and now I’ve fell into the rabbit hole of focusing on this idea because I really think it could do great. I’m new to programming/web development but I’m dead set on learning as I go with this. The way I came up with this idea is because I really want to drive adoption for BTC and this idea popped into my head. It would be preferable to users over eBay and others like it since we could offer lower selling fees (eBay charges 10%). As well as some other pros. I already have the domain hosted right now ( http://www.BitListMarketplace.com ) with a little temporary page up for pre launch purposes. I also have a discord server for the project, so if anyone is interested in helping with this, add me on discord Trevolt#5648. You don’t necessarily have to be a dev either, anyone is welcome to join me and help brainstorm any ideas you may have. Although it would be nice to have a more experienced dev in the mix to speed up my learning process and make sure things are as smooth as possible. Edit: and yes, I’m aware the current website is a bit scuffed on mobile, I whipped it up in about 1 hour just to have something there.