Hypothetical Lightning wallet question..

self.Bitcoin1m ago
Ok. In a make believe situation let's pretend i already have 5 channels open on an Lnd wallet. Now, one could simply keep opening a channel on every transaction which is what happens by default. There is an option to no longer open channels. Why? I assume because that creates extra cost.. So, i know that as of for now, you can't do split transactions. So, let's pretend i have 5 open channels already. Each one of those is showing a max capacity of 200,000 sats. Can someone explain to me, without running my own node and doing a triangle setup, can i safely function with transactions under 200,000? I've read through all the FAQ available and I'm just not feeling enlightened as to how to keep fees to a minimum if it's just repetitive small transactions? Can someone clear my head up and give me a lightbulb moment. Thanks.✌️