How would you buy an ice cream machine with non-KYC BTC? 🍦


How do people actually use their BTC in everyday life for small and big purchases? I'm trying to understand btc workflow in today's economy as an actual currency beyond storing as an investment vehicle.

-For KYC, you convert to fiat, put into a bank account, and continue with buying the ice cream machine as normal. This happens now and future regulation will probably manage these on/off ramps with even higher tax rates. It's expensive, invasive, but relatively frictionless.

-But for non-KYC coin how do you transact? I've seen people buy gift cards on exchanges, but what about larger or specific transactions like my ice cream machine or a car where a seller does not accept coin? You convert your coin to fiat on a non-KYC exchange then what? If you put it in a bank it's KYC again. Is there a non-KYC hot wallet that can send and receive fiat?

I know the consensus is to holdl which is fine. But eventually people need to spend it normally to spread adoption for its intended use. Until there is mass adoption for a circular economy, how would you buy something specific like an ice cream machine with KYC and non-KYC BTC?