How to view XPUB balance on blockchain explorer.

self.Bitcoin1m ago
So I took the leap and got a Ledger after 60% of my BTC now being held hostage on Celsius. So I realize Ledger creates a new receiving address each time you want to do a deposit and if you put that address in a blockchain explorer it will only show the balance of deposits done to that specific address. Then I found out about my xpub address which is supposed to show total balance and all transaction for all addresses. However, when I put my xpub address into blockchain explorers some don’t recognize and some that do show zero BTC balance and no transactions. So how can I look at my total wallet balance with my xpub address? Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Using xpub address in Koinly, Koinly is able to import all transactions no problem so not sure why blockchain explorers aren’t working. Thanks!