How to completely destroy your bitcoins spending history (Coin Join alternative)

self.Bitcoin1m ago
Hello everyone! I just recently discovered something really cool that I didn't know you could do with BTC. Of course, we all know about coin-joining and why it's a pretty integral part of maintaining your privacy. But recently I have been doing a lot of testing and using the lightning network and I found out if you send BTC to a lightning node and then send that BTC over the LND network to another node and withdraw your coins using **muun wallet** for example. Any spending/history of your original bitcoin that was originally sent is completely gone and you now have someone else's coins that were sent to the network at some point in time. ​ ***My questions to the community are:*** \- Do you think this is a better alternative to coin joining, since you are now completely decoupled from your original coins? \- What are your opinions on this? \- Do you think this could be something the govt. could try to regulate in the future (wouldnt see how they would)?