How safe is it to run your own node?

1M Ago
So I have been using Exodus as a wallet but Ive been reading just enough propaganda to get me into trouble without really understanding how everything works 100%. Here's what I would like to do and you guys tell me whether or not its a bad idea. I've heard about how much better it is to route your wallet and transactions through your own bitcoin node and use Tor. So what I plan on doing is using bitcoin core and connecting it to Specter wallet (if thats actually how it works). So I've got a not insignificant amount of Bitcoin and I'm wondering just how safe it would be to do this? Is there anything you would recommend? Is there a proper way to set this up? I'm running the node on an HP Elitedesk 800 G2 with windows and literally nothing else on it. Could really use your help! Thanks in advance!