How much should things costs in satoshi?

self.Bitcoin7d ago
I was wondering, if we really want to start using BTC as a currency, how can we fix a price for products? What I mean here is: if a business adjusts its products prices in relation to the BTC:USD conversion at that moment, yes, we are using Bitcoin, but in reality it’s still relating to the dollar (1BTC=x$ and not 1BTC=1BTC) so how can we came up with a series of universal prices? Probably it should be a progressive function increasing until the last block it’s been mined. Am I tripping? Maybe this topic has been already discussed and someone can share with me some more info or links, and I would really appreciate that! Mine it’s a honestly interested question and doubt, because I was thinking: even if I would like to support the community and the new idea of Money System, it would be stupid from me to spend even 1 satoshi when in a bear market or even in comparison of where I think the value of it could be in 5/10y Help me understand this people!