How much is “enough”?

1M Ago
Legitimately asking, if your plan is just to DCA, hold and not “trade”, when do you think you’ll feel like you have invested “enough?” I saw someone post they had 0.1 BTC, and they were hoping to get to 0.5 BTC. I saw someone else celebrate they got to 1BTC, but they were working on getting to 2 BTC. The guy with 2 BTC wishes he had 5 BTC, and I’m sure there is someone with 5 who wishes they had 10, and so forth. Someone with 20 BTC from 2017 is jealous of the guy who got in back in 2013 and wishes they could have stacked 100 BTC before the price took off. Are the people who got in back in 2013 and who have hundreds of BTC still DCA’ing? Are the people who got in during the 2017/2018 period and have tens of BTC still stacking sats? If the price of one BTC reaches $200,000 USD, will you still be buying?