How likely is an indirect US Gov attack on bitcoin via curbing carbon emissions and reducing energy usage? And what are the ways of resisting this attack?

16D Ago
Seems like the propaganda narrative is being constructed to eventually argue against digital assets that use proof of work. So far we have inside and outside the US 1. No nuclear energy 2. Strong push for inferior / less reliable green alternatives 3. Hindered development of fossil fuel sources, and rising energy costs 4. Power shortages, rationing, and blackouts in California 5. Laws with language that positions proof of work as possibly illegal or at least subject to onerous impossible regulation. So it would appear a perfect storm is brewing to make people suffer, cause a lot of anger, and then setup a direction to focus that anger. ie Proof of Work —> bitcoin Even if bitcoin helps power grids stabilize and doesn’t use as much energy as football or Christmas lights, that won’t matter if you’ve rallied the people to be positioned against it. And certainly hash rate can move outside the US, but it would still hinder the market for a long time. And even then, these laws will extend to other countries. Not to mention regulations against exchanges to drop support for proof of work assets. Is what I described likely? If yes, what are the ways to pre-emptively fight back? Or the ways to avoid it all together. And I emphasize, that laws and movements happen all the time based on false narratives. So it doesn’t need to be the case that it is true. Just that enough plausible deniability is in place to provide cover for restrictive laws.