How is bitcoin the future of finance?


This whole place is an echo chamber where anything bullish gets upvoted en masse and bears get downvoted even with valid points. On any post, you see comments like buy more, buy some every month, etc but nobody actually uses it. The fees are crazy. Spending it is thought of badly here, only advice is HODL. Here's an idea: someone makes a transaction, and another 900,000 computers verify the transaction, spending at least 10 kilowatts in total. Unless mass adoption happens, which probably never will, it's just a way for some people to try to get rich.

You often see stuff like "I will become a millionaire in 2030" with thousands of upvotes. Millionaire? What currency are you talking about? Fiat? :O

All the word salad you guys like to use, decentralized finance, resistance to inflation, no central authority has nothing to do with you actually believing in it. Some people actually do run miners for home heat; 1 watt of power will provide the same amount heat any way you use it, so that is nice to see, and businesses accepting bitcoin is also nice. Now let's see how many people actually pay with bitcoin. Maybe 300k in a day? There are over 1 billion credit card transactions in a day. We are nowhere close to the mass adoptation needed for bitcoin to moon. The only use case is a way to transfer wealth without fees, like you buy btc in one currency and sell in another, but with exchange fees, that is gone too.

Let's face the facts: you missed out. It's just a get rich scheme. HODL, MOON!!!