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How I lost all my BTC savings being greedy with futures trading.

I hope this post will be a big lesson for those who are in the same situation as i was, as well as I am seeking for any advice that could help me through this tough times. So back in 2014 I first learned about Bitcoin and I loved the idea of cryptocurrency so much, that in 3-4 years from learning about it when I became 18, I started investing and trading. As time went by I was investing small amounts, trading, and apparently slowly losing my money, but at that time it was ok because that were small amounts which I could afford to lose. In 2019 i moved from a poor country in Europe, for a better life to London. I was working in London and by the end of 2019 I got almost 3k£ in Btc, that were my savings. But then the worse started to happen, I loved trading, have read many books, got through tutorials, and was slowly trading my way up, and then I discovered the futures with up too 100x. At first I used low leverages, up to 10, then being greedy and not taking profits I always ended with losses, it started by losing small amounts, I was thinking let me put some more money in so I could trade what I lost back, I was getting emotional losing more and more, increasing leverages up to 75 rarely even 100. I was very upset with myself, at one moment when I already lost 500 I said no stop, but one-two weeks passed and I again was depositing to trade, and this snowball was getting bigger as I was losing even more hoping I will get everything back and hodl. And right know I got a big life lesson, don’t trade unless you can afford to lose that money, and never let your emotions in trading, I lost all my savings totalling about 5000£, I go almost a 1000£ debt. Because I even used a credit card to load it up. I hate myself, because I could just hodl. And know not having a proper job due to COVID, I have to survive somehow. This is how you learn a lesson the hard way, don’t repeat my mistakes, just hodl and you will be fine. Knowing that this community is huge, I would like...
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