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How Global Debt Created Asset Bubbles & Inequality

How Global Debt Created Asset Bubbles & InequalityWill global debt be the cause of the next financial crisis? Wealth inequality has meant the average worker is now carrying a mountain of debt. While the wealthy have increasingly seen their profits rise. Are we about to enter a recession that only affects the lower & middle class. An endless recession or depression Japan style until we fix the global debt problem.#Money #Debt #InequalityPlease let me and my team know your favourite part of the video by leaving a timestamp in the comments and you could win $50 in sats over ⚡️ thanks to Wallet of Satoshi🗞 Get a weekly snapshot of all the important crypto news, market & sentiment movements, key dates & more directly to your inbox. Join: Nugget's Weekly Digest:🎓 To accelerate your understanding of cryptocurrency and acquire all the tools required to become a successful cryptocurrency investor & trader. Join Nugget’s Crypto Community:🎧 Nugget's Crypto Podcast :👫👭👬SocialsFacebook:📬 Join our Mailing List: Continue on

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