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How Bitcoin Has Performed Throughout the Pandemic (With Graphs)

As the market enters another Bitcoin era, today we look at how $BTC is doing during times of the pandemic. From year to date, Bitcoin has outperformed traditional assets. Is this surprising or not? Let's say you bought $100 of Bitcoin on 01/01/20. It would have grown to $190 on 10/28/20. 🙌 If you placed your $100 in the Nasdaq 100 or the Dollar Index, your balance would be $133 and $96, respectively. [See how $BTC compares to assets like commodities and equities]( The orange line indicates BTC performance, which dropped to heart-palpitating lows when COVID19 spread in the US, but reached a new record for 2020, at the end of October ​ At the start of 2020, BTC strongly correlated with commodities, but broke away in October — potentially from a risk-aversion to traditional markets due to a surge in COVID cases and political environments. Also, Bitcoin showed significant correlation with the equity markets in Q1, mostly because all markets sold off in a flight to liquidity. However, once financial stimulus packages were announced, asset prices recovered rapidly. ​ [You can do it, Billy]( As shown here, BTC's correlations with gold and silver dropped drastically after the PayPal crypto announcement. For the full coronavirus Bitcoin report, head over to: [](https://coinm...
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