HG Wells 'World Brain' (1938) as an ethical framework for a decentralised internet & bitcoin


I read this and for 1936, HG wells was FAR ahead of his peers. Encylopedias had just been invented and HG wells began theorising about what would happen with an open connected networked information system and the political and social effects thereof.

'And there will be a constant danger that some of the early promoters may feel and attempt to realise a sort of proprietorship in the organisation, to make a group or a gang of it. But to recognise that danger is half-way to averting it.' (chapter 1)

A Satoshism!

He concludes with this as one part of the summaries;

' Reconstruction through socialisation, strenuous educational work to build up a competent receiver for bankrupt and expropriated public utilities, a steady development of a loyal civil service, freed from—"Farleyism" seems to be the word I want—and after the harsh winter that must surely follow this present Fall, a new spring may break upon the world from America. Through its renascent young people.'

It's a very prescient, and conscise book for it's time, as he begins to think through what the implications for the financial system may have when this becomes operational.


Thought I would share. Big love x