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Hey, I鈥檓 17 years old

I work a part time pizza job pulling in around $200 a week. I鈥檓 putting half of my money every paycheck into Bitcoin and eth, is this a smart idea? 10 months until I鈥檓 18 and can drive so that鈥檚 when I plan on selling. Hopefully it will buy me a working first car馃槶 anyways I鈥檝e been using Bitcoin atms ( the only way to buy it under 18 unless you have a parent sign you up or buy it from someone, no one wants to sell to a 17 year old), but can someone PLEASE tell me why everytime I go to buy $100 of crypto I literally get hit with $20+ of fees!? Hopefully my future profit (if there is any) will cover all these fees I鈥檓 paying. Any tips welcome. I also just bought exactly one eth because I thought it was smart Bc of the recent dip. (Yes I can handle losing all of this money, I鈥檓 17 I got a whole life ahead of me) I鈥檓 quite new to this so any tips welcome, good weekend everyone and remember, HODL 馃槈
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