Here WHY SILVER is not going to make you rich but BITCOIN YES!!!!



The first Reason why SILVER will not make you rich is because probably you're paying a lot of PREMIUM to get the coins, etc . If you paid $28 + $15 premium for eagles for example that means that TODAY you lost $12 USD and probably in that time including the inflation you're not going to recover never again your money because in the future will be more money of course but you're going to have less buying power. Here an example:

Here WHY Silver will not make you rich but BITCOIN YES!

Second Reason: SILVER can be a good WAY to protect your MONEY if*** there's a BAD GOVERMENT or the Federal Reserve dedice to print more money, but guess WHAT? All the stocks, bitcoin, real state will go UP including SILVER , so at the end it's not a great investment :/

so WHEN is GOLD and SILVER a great way to protect your money?
These metals are great when there's a NUCLEAR WAR or something terrible is happening WORLD WIDE or if there's a BIG BIG GLOBAL RESET, but these events happens every 100-200 years or when you live in a country like Venezuela, but guess what no one wants GOLD or SILVER in venezuela because the Liquidity is very LOW so "few people buy metals there"

would I buy silver for myself?

Of course YES because I like the idea about having some protection if something bad happen in this WORLD but I'm 100% sure that if you want to make money you need to learn GREAT SKILLS, start your business or invest smart in long term + being extremely positive mentally .

When to buy silver/gold?
You can buy at anytime but the first second that you start tracking the price you'll LOSE time, ENERGY and money of course. GET it but forget about your metals, etc and OF COURSE don't get silver in popular websites like AMPEX, JM BULLION because they will overcharge you .