Here's a doozy where Bitcoin BACKFIRES... Is this gov't's master plan?


Backstory: Government fails time again to regulate crypto, inflation/CPI continue to increase. Economy is in shambles and crypto has substantially increased in adoption. Government tax incomes are year over year increasingly lower due to aforementioned adoption.

Government has no choice but to force people to use wallets they create and abolish cash/alternate crypto. Now they can see literally every single transaction to every person, who/what your buying and have a record of it, forever.

How you may ask?

  1. Establish wallet IDs for every citizen (like a social security number)
  2. Establish a primary exchange and crypto (Bitcoin). Outlaw all others and block all traffic to/from exchanges/blockchains etc. (establish agency to monitor)
  3. Peg the value of the chosen crypto against current exchange for total monetary supply of USD.
  4. Direct banks/businesses/citizens to convert fiat/electronic currency, costs for goods/services etc to new crypto via exchange value. Allow buffer period for transfers, deposits and audits.
  5. Devalue/prohibit trade in fiat. Enable us of selected crypto. Monitor all transactions, enable real time taxation, collect on peoples activities.