Here is a ELI5 that I use to explain the Bitcoin's (and POW's) intrinsic value to nocoiners

self.Bitcoin1m ago
If I pay a Bitcoin miner 1 BTC to pause mining and sell the saved energy to me, they will agree to stop working only for the time it takes for their rigs to earn 1 BTC. This means that my one BTC should worth at least the amount of electricity spent plus the depreciation of the rigs involved. If they will spend - say - 20k$ to mine 1 BTC, then 1 BTC will be worth at least 20k$ on the market at the time of the deal (ignoring the market sentiment driven variance). Now let's imagine how much energy will take to mine 1 BTC in the year 2060+. The reward will be around 0.001 BTC every 10 minute (i.e. about 0.14 BTC per day). So the whole planet will compete for around 4 BTC per month (and then even less and less after every 4 years), spending a shitton of gigawatts for just 4 BTC. Therefore, at anytime in the future, anyone could sell 1 BTC in exchange for a certain amount of energy. Not dollars, not food - just energy. Hence, I don't know how much dollars will 1 BTC be worth in the future, but I am certain it will be worth a huge amount of energy - and this is maths, not just a wishful prognosis. Nobody can stop this. So, Bitcoin is a store of energy. Not in the physical sense, but in the commercial sense. Anyone owning 1 BTC owns in fact an amount of Watts. Which are immediately convertible to whatever they need - money, eggs, tits, anything that money can buy.