Help with bitcoin core


Apologies complete noob here and I cannot find an answer that works.

All I want to do is run Bitcoin Core via snap and use a custom data directory on a different drive.

Is there any gui way to do this?

Ubuntu 22.04.2LTS OS is installed on main drive, I want the data directory on the secondary drive. Installer cannot see it. Target drive is formatted in Ext4.

I understand snap apps are limited to only access home. I've tried giving permission to read/write on removable storage devices with no luck.

Obviously I'm missing something probably easy but like I said I'm new to Linux and not savvy at terminal commands.

EDIT: ended up reinstalling Ubuntu onto the secondary drive and letting Bitcoin core have it's defaults. I just thought it would be a simple process but was quicker to do the latter for a noob. Thanks for the suggestions.