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Ever since I saw the adoption of bitcoin in El Zonte (a small town in El Salvador) I've thought about how great it would be if Bitcoin would get adopted in small towns all over the world. Small towns tend to have less money but with the adoption of bitcoin into their small towns, the small town's wealth would grow (assuming the price of Bitcoin goes up). Based on videos I've seen on youtube on El Zontes citizens and bitcoin some people say they've made money just from holding and others say they've lost money, which is no surprise because of its volatility. I'm very optimistic about Bitcoin, so I truly believe that any town with its own bitcoin economy will see substantial returns from just owning some bitcoin. My main point is, id like to introduce bitcoin to a small town in Mexico, I own a couple of acres of land in this town and own a couple of mini shops that people rent out to me every month. This place has a mix of both elderly and youth and they all have access to smartphones. If I were to put all my time and energy into introducing Bitcoin into this small town in Mexico, how would I do it? Where do I start?
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