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Help me bring awareness to the new users and noobs like myself joining this community!

Fellow hodlers and traders, I hope I can get some help bringing some awareness to the new people joining this community A few months back, I noticed a very small deposit into my Hardware Wallet and made this post, ([\_00001\_bitcoin\_out\_of\_nowhere\_into\_my/]( ). A great response from user u/almkglor suggested to use electrum with coin control and get rid of the coins. I didn’t have the time back them to really get behind the technology (I can thankfully) so I decided to leave the coins there and not move any in/out from the HW until I figure it out. Another users noted that even $1.11 is quite large for a dusting attack but maybe the amounts are increasing, etc. I stopped moving any coins in or out since that date just as a precaution and I started checking every transaction since I bought my HW and started noticing several larger deposits, some very recent, some older, small and not-so-small amounts. Is there a way to know if my HW has some sort of public address published somewhere I could look up and find out about some of those transactions? To try to figure out why im getting the deposits (not complaining at all but still)? What another type of information I can find out? I know for a fact I haven’t make any of the deposits below into my HW since July 28th, 2020 when I made the above post thinking one of the deposits was a dusting attack ​ A few small ones: ​
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Peter Schiff still doesn’t get it. Real Bitcoiners aren’t trying to cash out. We didn’t come here just to sellout for USD War Bucks, but the IRS only accepts USD, so we are forced to comply. Peter Schiff’s opposition to Bitcoin and support for Gold rests entirely on appeals to authority.

Bitcoin bulls believe that if they pump the #Bitcoin price high enough institutions will have no choice but to buy for fear of missing out. If so, this would be the first bubble in history where littl...