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HDR & OKCoin Join Forces To Provide A US$150,000 Grant to Bitcoin Core Developer Amiti Uttarwar

We’re very pleased to announce that OKCoin and HDR Global Trading Limited (which owns and operates the BitMEX cryptocurrency trading platform) are each providing a US$75,000 grant, totaling US$150,000 over 12 months, to Bitcoin Core developer Amiti Uttarwar. The HDR element of the grant is based on the open-source template grant contract. As dedicated supporters of Bitcoin Core and open source development, OKCoin and BitMEX independently identified Amiti’s work as essential to the advancement of the Bitcoin network. 

Amiti’s Bitcoin Core contributions have improved the protocol and continue to strengthen the cryptocurrency. Specifically, Amiti focuses on the peer-to-peer (P2P) layer.

Bitcoin introduces a new trust model with an explicit set of rules that are open and available to everyone. Strangers can agree on what happened without having to trust one another. This potential can profoundly shift how we interact as humans and how we structure our societies. Ever since I fathomed the possibilities, I have been hooked Amiti Uttarwar

Her work on the P2P layer has improved that trust model by identifying how nodes were revealing sensitive information. In Bitcoin Core, identifying the source wallets of transactions can be sensitive information that could be preyed upon by spy nodes at the protocol layer. Pull request #18038 reduces the frequency that a wallet attempts to rebroadcast transactions and dramatically reduces the frequency at which a wallet node reveals this information. This is part of a larger project, tracked in #16698, to entirely rework the rebroadcast mechanism to no longer leak sensitive information.

Most recently, Amiti has focused on increasing test coverage for the P2P layer to ensure a robust codebase. Having strong automated test coverage allows developers to make changes with confidence and is standard for software projects. With Bitcoin Core, the current system we have available for testin...

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