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Has anyone paid with lightning without opening a channel directly to the shop?

Hey guys, I was trying to buy a gamecode on with lightning but I always get a routing error. I specifically don't want to open a channel to the shop directly because that defeats the purpose of LN - If I open a direct channel I can pay directly with BTC anyway. I want to test LN, so I downloaded Eclair Wallet for Android and opened a channel with 0.0013 BTC to the node because I saw in the lightning node explorer that there is an open channel between the rompert node and the joltfun node. The rompert node is one of the biggest nodes and looks like a good choice. The channel between me and rompert is funded with 0.0013 BTC and the channel between rompert and joltfun is funded with 0.01 BTC, so about ten times more than my channel. The price of the gamecode I want to buy is about 0.001 BTC, so slightly lower than my channel funding. My channel is online. When I try to buy the code in the shop, Eclair immediately tells me that payment has failed because there was no route/channel to the shop. But I opened the channel to rompert node which has a channel to joltfun and that should be enough. Why does it not work? It's basically the simplest use of the LN network but if that does not even work, I am not very confident in the tech I must say....
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