Has anyone dropped entire 401k into BTC?


From personal experience:

  1. Pensions in my hometown were lost after investing in risky investment ideas, I don't own a pension anyways.
  2. My family and others have had their retirement portfolios slashed because of the economy tanking. Tech index is a good investment, but it's only a matter of time until capitalism turns it rotten.
  3. Social security is set to run out soon, and I've been paying into it for every job. I'm not going to stop because of the legality of it.

With multiple jobs I've had random 401k that aren't much but it might be worth it to just take it out, pay penalties and taxes, and leave on a HW in BTC. From conventional financial wisdom this seems dumb, but it won't amount to much anyways the way things are going. Retirement is 20 - 30 years away anyways, but in this case 10+ years would have some definite appreciation.

It all sounds kind of dumb but I'm wondering if anybody has done it before.