Happy Bitcoin White Paper Day 🎉


Happy Bitcoin White Paper Day 🎉

Lightsats⚡️- Bitcoin White Paper

Our Lightsats⚡️project was born 4 weeks ago, we have been building the project in public, participating in the BOLT🔩FUN Legends of Lightning ⚡️ Tournament which runs for 9 weeks with the goal of building on the Lightning Network to create a product that will help with Global adoption! ✨

So I was lucky enough to find amazing bitcoin community members who liked the project and joined me in this journey.

We are building the easiest way for bitcoiners to tip/gift sats to a nocoiner. No need to onboard them or teach them how to download a wallet, we take care of it on our platform.

Load up a tip/gift, it generated a QR Code, the nocoiner can scan the QR Code then they will be taken to the landing page with the $ amount and a way for them to claim their funds via email (soon via phone number).

Once they have claimed their sats, we suggest a few LN Wallets they can download to withdraw their funds.

After this quick self onboarding guide is where the real work begins, we will be building a self-guide where users can explore things like:

  • Do you want to spend your bitcoin? Online or in person?
  • Do they want to save their bitcoin?
  • Do they want to learn how to buy bitcoin?
  • Do they want to donate it or send some to someone else?

We’re trying to build very comprehensive user guides they can simply follow to experience all the diferente use cases of bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

I mentioned we’re building in public so you can see all of our weekly updates

Week 1 - https://stacker.news/items/82384 Week 2 - https://stacker.news/items/84937 Week 3 - https://stacker.news/items/87590

Also here are 1000 sats up for the first person to claim them 🧡 the link points ti our dev environment. https://lgt.st/reddit

Thank you all!